Homair Vacances gives its clients the possibility of evaluating its offers and services and posting ratings and comments via an online tool.

All Homair Vacances clients may post a review, whether they are satisfied or otherwise.
An online rating or comment by an Internet user assumes prior acceptance of and compliance with these present terms and conditions of use.


The main objective for requesting reviews is that Homair Vacances may listen to their clients and become aware of their level of satisfaction in order to improve services. Reviews posted on the site also enables other consumers to be guided in their search for information.
The purpose, therefore, is to enable Internet users to form an opinion.

The processes used by Homair Vacances for collecting, moderating and providing reviews are independent of advertising and selling activities carried out on the reviews.homair.com website.

When posting a review, the author of the review confirms that he/she:
- Is a natural person;
- Has personally undergone this customer experience;
- Does not have a conflict of interest with Homair Vacances.

For the purposes of confirming the authenticity of the review, the author of the review accepts to be contacted by email or by telephone.

Client reviews published on the reviews.homair.com website are exclusively genuine reviews. They may be posted by using two processes. Either the client has been requested to do so by email following a holiday on a Homair Vacances camping site, or the client has “spontaneously” posted a review on the reviews.homair.com. website. A client who wishes to post an unprompted review will necessarily have to provide his/her file number. In which case, after verification by Homair Vacances, he/she may post a review regarding his/her holiday with Homair Vacances.

The comments or reviews must not:
- be defamatory, insulting, obscene, offensive, violent or encouraging violence, political, racist or xenophobic in nature and in general contrary to the laws and regulations in force, the legal rights of individuals or the accepted principles of morality;
- suggest murder or suicide, encourage hatred or discrimination;
- make reference to or mention reviews of other Internet users;

 - be used for personal or professional purposes, in particular for publicity;

- contain any personal data;

All reviews will be kept for two years by Homair Vacances.

The current review is a genuine review chosen from among reviews posted by clients and published by Homair Vacances. The rule for selecting this review is as follows: among all the reviews containing a rating of 5/5 or 4/5, regardless of the holiday, we choose the one that contains the most information. In the event that the Internet user singles out a particular holiday, the current review will relate to the holiday in question.

The overall summary rating displayed is the simple arithmetic average of review ratings published by Homair Vacances. This average is not weighted by any criteria.

In the event that the evaluation reveals an element of dissatisfaction, it shall be sent to the Homair Vacances customer service for analysis and processing. In this case, Homair Vacances may contact the Internet user (if the latter agrees).
Following this action, the client may be requested to confirm or revise his/her initial review.

These reviews are collected and may be published via the Q3 Advocacy Management Platform published by Q3 SAS (limited liability company), full details of which are available on www.q3-amp.com.


All comments will be moderated.
As a result, reviews may be published 15 days after they have been collected.
These reviews may be the subject of a comment posted by Homair Vacances in orders to provide useful additional information to Internet users.
Homair Vacances reserves the right not to put a review on line, or to delete it at any time, without giving any reasons.
Posted reviews which do not comply with the following rules shall not be published (non-exhaustive list):
- comments including personal information relating to the author of the review or to any third party or which clearly appear to be not in line with the spirit of the website or which do not fulfil the requirements, particularly including comments that are abusive or defamatory to either a legal entity or natural person or which would contravene the law and, notably, any defamatory, violent, racist or paedophilic remarks, suggesting murder or suicide, encouraging hatred or discrimination.
- comments including information that is totally unrelated to the product concerned or its vendor.
- the contents of comments which infringe copyright or the rights of any third party.
Homair Vacances cannot be held responsible for publishing or not publishing a review.

If anyone has reason to think that a person is infringing a right that they hold or is causing them harm, they may notify this through the reviews.homair.com website by clicking on the “Report abuse” button and by providing all the facts necessary for investigating their report.

Authorisation of use

The Internet user authorises Homair Vacances to use, free of charge, the reviews of which he/she is the author for distribution in association with the marketing and promotion of the product to which it relates, particularly as regards the following methods of dissemination:
- on the Internet, notably over all the corporate, commercial or community websites, blogs and/or Facebook, LinkedIn, Viadeo and Google+ pages, and on the websites, blogs or pages of partners or affiliates, as well as on search engines, in particular those featuring reviews and comments;
- within the context of Homair Vacances’ internal and corporate communication;
- on all printed matter, especially including publications, catalogues, the press, leaflets, flyers and POS material.

Within the context of the purpose specified above, distribution rights include:
- in terms of reproduction rights, directly or through the intermediary of a third party, the right to reproduce, have reproduced, distribute, produce any copies and duplicates without restriction as to the number of copies, wholly or partially, free of charge or for a consideration, on any paper, computer, electronic, audio or optical media and/or on any other media, current or future, by all current or future processes.
- in terms of representation rights, directly or through the intermediary of a third party, the right to represent, have represented publicly, integrally or by extract, wholly or partially, free of charge or for a consideration, by any processes such as screen representation, or any other process in any public or private places.
- in terms of broadcasting rights, directly or through the intermediary of a third party, free of charge or for a consideration, the right to broadcast via terrestrial, satellite or TV broadcasting, using any cable operator or any other means of telecommunication, current or future. This right also includes broadcasting over internal networks and networks intended for a public that is not associated with a legal entity such as the Télétel and Internet networks.
- in terms of derived rights, directly or through the intermediary of a third party, the right to use, adapt, arrange, modify, translate and have used, adapted, arranged, modified and translated, wholly or partially.

Personal data

The Internet user accepts that, as regards the distribution of comments, certain personal information declared online by the client shall appear, namely: the first name, the first letter of the surname, the holiday category, the name of the holiday taken, the period of the holiday and the type of travellers accompanying him/her. The remarks and personal data of Internet users are collected and processed electronically for management and distribution needs. In this regard, collected data may be transferred to a service provider for managing the tool dedicated to the administration of comments.

In accordance with the (French) Data Protection Act of 06 January 1978, as amended by the law of 04 August 2004, Internet users have a right to access, correct and cancel the personal information concerning them by sending a letter to HOMAIR Vacances, 570 Avenue du Club Hippique, Immeuble le Derby, 13097 AIX-EN-PROVENCE CEDEX 02.